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When one of the FBI's Los Angeles-based Violent Crimes Unit's (VCU) own profilers is brutally murdered by the serial killer they have been tracking, rookie FBI Agent Rebecca Locke (Rachel Nichols) is recruited to join the team, despite her lack of field experience. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, famed Supervisory Special Agent Virgil 'Web' Webster (Peter Coyote) has personally selected her to join his rogue division – not for her impressive profiling skills, but because of a secret she's keeping. Web knows that Rebecca was abducted and held captive as a child, and the traumatic experience has afforded her unique insight into the mindset of both villain and victim. The series follows Rebecca and her fellow agents as they move from one challenging, complex case to the next, making personal sacrifices along the way. Created by Tim Minear and Howard Gordon ('24'), executive-produced by Minear, Brian Grazer ('24') and David Nevins ('24').