Semi-Obsessive Me (sol_se) wrote in theinsidetv,
Semi-Obsessive Me

Unaired episode - (1x08) "Aidan"

I *finally* finished making the next unaired episode "Aidan" in bittorent. This thing took forever to do. I'm talking days of just letting it run in the background. But that's probably because my computer is crap. Anyway, I figured I'd post the episode here in case anyone's interested, and save other people the trouble I had in making it. Megaupload now has a file size limit, so I couldn't upload the original AVI file. There are 2 Megaupload options: 5 AVI parts, or converted to WMV.

The Inside - 1x08 - "Aidan"
Part 1 (34 MB)
Part 2 (62 MB)
Part 3 (67 MB)
Part 4 (58 MB)
Part 5 (65 MB)

The full episode: WMV (110 MB)

I could upload bigger files with YouSendIt. Although YSI can be annoying sometimes, since it expires after 7 days. So here's the original large AVI file & the converted WMV version. YSI has been acting funny, so you need to type in the http:// yourself at the front.

AVI (440 MB)

WMV (110 MB)

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